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New version: CDex 1.70 Beta 4 released

CDex 1.70 Beta 4 has been released.

This version is a bug fix release to CDex 1.70 Beta 3 and features many internal and encoder updates.
It is recommended that you update to this version.

The installer includes the Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 Service Pack 1 Redistributable Package ATL
Security Update, which fixes an initialization error on some
systems ("Application failed to initialize properly 0xc0150002").

More technical information about the initialization error is available here:

New version: CDex 1.70 Beta 3 released

CDex 1.70 Beta 3 has been released.

This version features a new hybrid installation approach. The installer includes the new 1.70 Beta 3 version
with many updates, but also the old Beta 2 Unicode and Non Unicode releases.

The installer is available in over 40 languages and the installation directly includes all the available translations
for CDex.

You can get the latest version from the Download section.

Georgy Berdyshev

CDex needs Your help!

Dear CDex users!

My goal is to improve the CDex development as much as possible.
Therefore a major boost within the development has to be done.

New Windows versions are released and still many users want support for Windows 95.

Although it is 2007 now, there is a possibility to support these old Windows versions as long as possible.
At least within the CDex 1.x version. This means that with the release of CDex 2 the support for some
of the old Windows versions can be quit.
There is still the possibility to provide support for these systems, using the

CDex license updated to GPLv3

The CDex license was updated to GPLv3, due to the update of the GPL license on the 29th June.

For more information about GPLv3, please visit:

Georgy Berdyshev

FSF - 'Play Ogg' Campaign

CDex supports the 'Play Ogg' campaign by The Free Software Foundation (FSF) and also encourages
the users to make use of this great, patent- and license-free format.
Play Ogg

This campaign encourages the use of the patent- and license-free standard Ogg Vorbis as an
ethically, legally and technically superior audio alternative to the proprietary MP3 format. Community Choice Awards 2007

CDex has been nominated for the Community Choice Awards 2007

The most nominated projects in each category will become the finalists during voting period.

The second annual Community Choice Awards Winners are selected by community members like you, and it's that time again! Cast a ballot for your favorite project now and make your voice heard.

With more than 32,000,000 downloads, CDex is the world's most popular free Open Source Digital Audio CD Extractor.

Please vote for us here:

Play Ogg

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